Our Mission is to fight for your rights as small business owners, and lobby the regulators and government to ensure that your businesses can remain in existence and survive beyond July 2020.

Your membership is key to the successful outcome of these two initiatives.



The vision of the NSW HCA is very simple and clear:

  1. To secure the option of having a uniquely identifiable “badge” (HC plate or otherwise) on unmarked cars with access to bus/transit lanes.
  2. To have a respected voice and a seat at the table with all the authorities who have power over our industry so that we can represent the interests of the industry and provide advocacy for issues that affect us as a whole.



How we go about achieving this vision is very straightforward:

  1. By building strong relationships with government and industry stakeholders
  2. Becoming the go-to body to discuss issues that relate to and affect hire car owners and operators
  3. Building a reputation as an association with vision, integrity, and a realistic approach to changing dynamics.



To become the voice of the industry through strong membership and to make representations of behalf of the industry on issues that affect our industry through collaborative relationships and associations with related private and government organisations.  Issues undertaken by the HSW HCA are broad issues that affect all operators across the industry.

The NSW HCA will not become involved in or make representations in relation to issues which affect individual industry or association members.  The NSW HCA is not a forum for members to remediate private issues that are best dealt with directly between the involved parties.



Throughout every contact with government and industry stakeholders we make the following representations on behalf of our industry:

  1. We are a unique industry which delivers substantial value both to the transport industry and to the NSW Economy
  2. Hire car customers have unique requirements and as consumers have a right to a suitable choice for point-to-point transport services.
  3. It is critical both to our businesses and our customers that we be able to retain the basic rights and privileges that allow us to efficiently deliver our services – especially access to bus/transit lanes & special venues.
  4. We see ourselves as remaining regulated and uniquely identifiable as “chauffeured hire car” operators.
  5. We expect to pay insurance levels (CTP & Comprehensive) which are in line with our existing low risk profile.
  6. We expect not to pay payroll tax as drivers are engaged as independent contractors who run their own businesses and provide same services directly to the public.
  7. Access to premium areas at the Sydney Airport Terminals is critical for the efficient transfer of premium customers.  This should be equally important to ensure airports deliver suitable options for this customers base.
  8. We expect to pay license fees which are in line with our type of service and importantly which take into account that we DO NOT have rank and hail privileges.
  9. We will have access to current HC plates until 30 June 2020 but need a clear solution beyond that for our industry.